Can I sell a car that has finance?

Sell your car with and we’ll be able to settle any outstanding car finance. We will then pay you the remainder (if there is any) in cash straight into your bank account.  Find out how much your car is worth below:

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How do I sell a car with finance?

All you have to do is get in touch with your finance company and ask them for a “settlement figure” – Best to ask them to email this to you & post a copy out also.

By law your lender has to post a settlement figure to you within 12 days – usually it will arrive straight away.

You will have a period – usually 10 days – in which to actually pay the amount off. If you pay by Direct Debit (DD), check on the day it normally comes out of your bank – if they receive this amount before you settle the finance then you’ll need to take the DD amount off how much you pay. You will need to provide evidence of payment to us if this is the case.

The short answer – mostly – is yes, you will save money by paying off your car finance agreement early. You get a rebate of interest, an amount laid down by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

If you clear the balance early don’t take the whole amount outstanding and send the money – make sure you get your rebate of charges. All you have to pay is a couple of month’s interest and possibly some administration fees but check your agreement for your exact terms. pays millions of £££s every year to finance companies on behalf of motorists who sell their car to us.

Bring your settlement figure along and we’ll simply net off the outstanding amount and pay that directly to your finance company on your behalf. You’ll receive any cash left over.

Yes, you should be able settle off a PCP agreement or terminate it by paying off the settlement figure. Again, read your finance agreement carefully for your exact terms.

You should be able to settle off a PCP agreement. In fact – when it comes to paying the final amount you should really check with us. Many agreements give you the right to give the car back. Don’t do that until you find out how much it is worth. Customers can sell to us rather than hand the car back as they get the additional cash because the car is worth more than the final payment.

In order to get freedom from paying car finance every month on a car where you owe more than it is worth, can pay off the loan provided you advance them with the exact amount to make up the balance.

In order to settle your finance, you’ll find the finance company’s address & Contact number on the agreement you signed.

If you choose to sell privately in the hope of securing big bucks for your car then it’s often a lot more trouble than it’s worth. One, it’s the most unsafe way to complete the transaction of selling your car. You’ll waste a lot of money on advertising. Then you’ll waste time on the usual selection of tyre-kickers have no intention to actually buy your car. Finally, and most importantly, there is the issue of not being paid on time or correctly. This may mean you having to chase the person buying your car to get the agreed money. All of this leaving you wishing you had gone for the easier options.

Because of these reasons, Hundreds of motorists from Northern Ireland now turn to a professional car buying service. At we pride ourselves in making the process as quick and simple as possible. This way you don’t have to waste your time or your money – a luxury that most people don’t have to just throw away.

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Dont forget

Don’t forget, with a HP or PCP agreement you have to settle the finance on the car or terminate the agreement by paying off money owing before you can sell the car on. At we can help you do this.