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Sellyourcartojax.com is a site operated and owned by Sellyourcartojax.com which is a company registered in Northern Ireland as NI677318.


Our privacy Policy which sets out the terms on which we process any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us. By using the website or services you consent to such processing and that all the data you provide by you is accurate.


We may revise these Terms at any time without notice by amending this page. The amended Terms will be effective from the date posted on the website. By using this website or Services will constitute your acceptance of the amended terms.


In order to provide an online valuation, you will need to provide us with information regarding your vehicle. This information will be sent directly to our valuation team. One of our team will contact you by email and text to give you our best possible price for your car based on the information you have provided. This figure is a value that we provide but do not agree until we have scanned the cars ECU & inspected the car. We will always need to carry out an inspection of your vehicle in order to purchase the vehicle. The inspection may be carried out at our registered premises or at our discretion we may inspect the vehicle at your chosen location.

Any information that you have provided on our website will be used by a SellyourcartoJax.com representative during the inspection process. If during the inspection process we believe the valuation of the vehicle is incorrect due to any aspect of the vehicle’s condition or history including any modifications or unusual features, which were not clear during the online valuation process, the price offered for the vehicle may differ from the online valuation. At the end of the inspection you will be provided with a Final Price, at which SellyourcartoJax.com may purchase your vehicle.


If we buy a vehicle from you, we will rely upon the representation that:

You are legally capable of entering into a contract to sell your vehicle

You are at least 18 years of age

To the best of your knowledge, information and belief, you are the sole owner of the vehicle

No person has any claim to the vehicle including for the avoidance of doubt by any finance company

The vehicle has never been involved in any accidents (unless stated)

The mileage on the vehicle is true and accurate and the odometer has not been tampered with

You have disclosed to us all the matters which a purchaser would want to know about such as physical defects in the vehicle

All information supplied by you in respect of the car (whether in obtaining an online valuation, at any appointment or otherwise) is true and accurate in all respects and the car is registered in the UK

If we decide to buy the vehicle from you, you will be asked to sign a letter expressly confirming the aforementioned warranties.


No binding contract will be created between “SellyourcartoJax.com” and you until the following have been completed;

Hand Over requirements:

 SellyourcartoJax.com has undertaken a valuation and inspection as set out above;

The Company has sent you a receipted invoice;

All copies of the Car’s keys you have

The Car’s Registration Book / Log Book / V5c

The Cars proof of purchase if required (Any vehicle owned less than 6 months)

The Car’s Service History (if any)

The Car’s MOT Certificate (if any)

The Car’s User Manuals (if any)

Any accessories there may be, locking wheel nut, radio, remotes etc

If any item is not available, then a value of money of the final transaction will be withheld (See Terms and Conditions 8)

We will also expect you to remove any personal possessions from the Car once the contract has been concluded. We will not be responsible for any personal items lost once the Car is in our possession.

It is agreed that both SellyourcartoJax.com and you have the right to rescind from the purchase and /or sale of the vehicle if within 48 hours after the Final Price has been offered either party wishes not to proceed with the purchase and /or sale of any vehicle for any reason whatsoever. Either party may communicate this in writing or verbally.

Both SellyourcartoJax.com and you agree that if payment is made by SellyourcartoJax.com to you within 48 hours of the Final Price being offered and accepted by you then the contract cannot then be rescinded.


If we agree to buy your vehicle we will pay and transfer your funds via bank transfer to your bank account. The bank transfer will take place the same day and we will not charge you any fee for a same day bank transfer. (Some bank accounts and building societies do not accept fast payments; therefore, will take 3-5 working days).

It is possible that events beyond our control may delay payment and if that happens we will not have any liability for the delay.

If the vehicle is subject to some form of finance, we will require in writing a copy of the settlement figure and we will pay the finance company the settlement figure directly and pay you the balance of such payment directly into your bank account.

In the event that the settlement figure owed to the finance company is higher than the purchase price then we will require you to pay to us the difference between the purchase price and the settlement figure before we pay the outstanding finance.

You will remain fully liable to the finance company at all times until the credit agreement in place has been brought to an end.


If any monies are withheld for receipt of V5 (log book), Service History, Second Key or any items discussed on invoice, this will be paid on receipt of the item withheld for. Withheld item’s and cost will be written on Invoice. Payment will only be paid within 14 days of receipt of outstanding item. Over this time payment will not be made unless otherwise indicated at receipt of buying the Car.


The risk and ownership of the Vehicle will transfer from you to SellyourcartoJax.com upon receipt of clear funds from us.


The Company including its officers, employees and agents will not accept responsibility or be liable for any loss of income or revenue, loss of business or loss of profit.

The maximum aggregate liability to you in connection with or under any Contract with you shall not exceed the value of the Car. Nothing in these Terms & Conditions excludes or limits the liability of the Company for death or personal injury caused by the Company’s negligence.

These terms and conditions expressly exclude the Company’s liability for property damage. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will affect your statutory rights.


If any of these Conditions of Purchase are unenforceable it shall not affect the enforceability of the rest of these Conditions of Purchase.


Other than as provided in these Conditions of Purchase, nothing said by our employees or sub-contractors shall amount to a variation of these Conditions of Purchase.


Nothing in these Terms & Conditions shall give any person who is not a party to the contract any benefit or any right to enforce any of the Terms of this Agreement.


Northern Ireland Law shall govern these Terms & Conditions and both SellyourcartoJax.com and you agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Northern Irelands Courts.


We reserve the right to change or withdraw any valuations without notice.


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